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Earnex Exchange offers 3 partner opportunities for Marketers and Traders.
Each opportunity has one main goal-to increase the users of the Earnex Exchange Platform.

Partner Opportunity 1:

Available for those with online marketing experience

Do you have?
Online trading community, media resource, or a blog

Do you WANT?
To earn more from customer base and traffic.

If this is you and you want to promote one of the fastest-growing social trading platforms where Investors and Traders connect, head over to F1 Affiliates, who are our exclusive partners for running our Partner Network.

The F1 Affiliate team have access to marketing experts with over twenty years of experience and will be able to tailor a marketing package explicitly suited for you and work with you on a 1-1 basis to potentially increase your earnings… Head over now to F1 Affiliates

Partner Opportunity 2

Available to marketers who have access to an online or offline community.

The Earnex Exchange Traders Marketplace is where global marketers come together with Top Traders to build a potentially lucrative scalable partnership…. The Earnex Exchange platform manages this relationship.

This is a UNIQUE opportunity…. And is fast becoming the key to our growth

Let us explain how the Traders Marketplace works…

Each trading strategy listed on Earnex Exchange Leaderboards also appears on the Traders Marketplace. You can choose which strategy will best suit your network and promote this to your community. We will be right by your side in this journey, providing powerful marketing tools and ongoing support.

Our partnership with F1 Affiliates means you will have access to more than twenty years of experience in achieving high conversion. They have developed a system called FEPS (the Fast Effective Persuasion System) that combines marketing automation, psychological profiling, and persuasive copywriting to provide a personalised experience for the customers and reach them at the right stage of the buying process – all aimed to increase the conversion rate of your traffic.


Select top-performing trading strategies shared on Traders Market place and encourage your peers to join Earnex Exchange, using our compliant and proven marketing material that has achieved high conversions time and time again.


Take advantage of our unique marketing support-including the exclusive Fast Effective Persuasion System (FEPS) with a proven track record for over a decade. For further details on how FEPS works, including how it takes a new lead, nurtures it on its journey till the time the user is ready to join – contact us now


Receive remuneration with every successful promotion, no delays, no exceptions


Scale your Partner business with our ongoing marketing support and collaborating with our growing partners’ network

Partner Opportunity 3:

Available for Traders Looking To Grow The Number Of Copiers

Do you have a successful trading strategy?
Are you looking to increase your profits from your trading strategy?

If this is you, the team at Earnex Exchange are on hand to provide you with support to increase the number of Investors copying your strategy.

This marketing and growth support is available for all Traders who gain a place on our Leaderboards, and includes:

✓ Webinars on how to increase copiers

✓  Tutorials on where to market and where not to

✓ Access to leading marketing experts

✓ Ongoing online support

✓ Proven marketing models and material to attract copiers

As you move up the Leaderboards and achieve Badges, we will be monitoring your progress. For Traders who are dedicated to succeeding and increasing their copier base, we will invite you onto our VIP Marketing Program, which includes 1 to 1 direct access to your very own marketing expert as well as many more marketing and growth strategies.

What Next

By becoming a Partner, you will join a group of visionaries united by the idea of promoting a word- class copy-trading platform.

We will be right by your side in this journey, providing you with powerful marketing tools and ongoing support.

To join our partner network, head over to F1 Affiliates here or sign up to Earnex Exchange and follow the partner links to access the Trader Marketplace and marketing support material.


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