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Earnex Exchange strives to help investors with little or no experience of trading identify and copy top traders and take advantage of their knowledge and experience by copying the trading strategies shared. You choose a trader that matches your investment goals and copy their trading strategy onto your account.

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We aim to bridge the knowledge gap between professional traders and investors and provide them with a revolutionary, user-friendly environment where those with limited experience can access the profit potential of the markets. All you need to do is select your trader of choice and copy the trades of the trader you chose to access their performance. It takes only a few clicks.

Select traders to copy that suit your investment goals. Login to view traders performance, including average monthly performance and absolute gain. Find your trader of choice and connect.

Earnex Exchange is integrated with leading crypto exchanges, Bitmex and Binance Futures. Find your trader of choice, and connect your account. It takes only a few clicks and our team are on hand to help you through the process.

Don’t have the time to learn trading or haven’t quite mastered it yet? Not to worry here at Earnex Exchange you can connect with traders and copy their performance onto your account.

Start copying your trader or choice in just a couple of clicks. Our team are always on hand to help you connect your account to your trader of choice to copy. Accessing the profit potential of the crypto markets has never been so easy.

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As an investor you can access the profit potential of the crypto markets by selecting a trader and adding them onto your account. You have a choice of trading strategies to choose from and you are charged a monthly performance fee of 30% of any profits achieved meaning you keep the remaining 70%.

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Many Investors are attracted to the potential returns the markets offer, however, mastering trading can be a long process and many investors who try trading never quite achieve the returns they are after….

Earnex Exchange offers investors a potential solution to this problem as it aims to connect investors to top traders, where investors can simply copy the performance of the highest performers in just a couple of clicks.

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